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Australian Medical Technology Companies

Australian Medical Technology Companies

Australian Medical Technology companies are at the forefront of many of the latest technological advances within the medical field. ARRK, Cogentum, Invetech and MedNet offer an insight to the Australian medical technology manufacturing industry and how Design for Manufacture has become a method across the industry for creating cutting-edge devices and therapeutic products. The continual development and refinement of new and innovative equipment and products by these companies help to keep Australian hospitals and doctors in the forefront of their own industry. This continuous improvement in the technology can also help decrease the cost of maintaining and repairing the expensive medical equipment.

It is essential for all medical facilities to maintain and ensure the reliability and longevity of their equipment. Design for Manufacture plays a significant role in ensuring that this is the case and Auctiva, Armish, Activa, Coretech, Ecteon, Glaxo, Med Associates, Neuroonics, Omron, Pacific Clinical Software, Sharp, Technavio, Unitech and Zeuner are only a few of the top medical technology companies in Australia that use Design for Manufacturing in their product development processes. Abrasive technology is also another key component of the medical field. The continuous development and refinement of new and innovative equipment and products by these companies help to keep Australian hospitals and doctors at the forefront of their own industry.

The development and manufacture of medical equipment require a sophisticated and highly skilled team of personnel. This is a combination of highly skilled engineers, technicians and manufacturing staff that work together in order to design and manufacture the equipment. Each component of the equipment must be manufactured to high standards and in accordance with the specifications set out by the Food and Drug Association. This also ensures that the equipment is safe and reliable for use. Australian Medical Technology companies must also meet rigorous quality assurance and regulatory standards set out by the Product Safety Register of Australia (PSR). To make sure their products are approved for use in various conditions, these companies have to continually test and retest their equipment as well as their processes and manufacturing methods on a regular basis.


TOP Australian Medical Technology Companies

  • 4D Medical
  • Anatomics
  • ANDHealth
  • Artrya
  • AusBiotech
  • Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (AcVa)
  • BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd
  • Cyban
  • Design and Industry
  • Envision IT
  • Genesys Electronics Design
  • IDE
  • Inventia Life Sciences
  • LBT Innovations
  • Medical Technology Association of Australia
  • Noisy Guts
  • Perx Health
  • Planet Innovation
  • Seer Medical
  • SpeedX
  • WearOptimo



The main areas of medical technology companies focus on are vascular technology, endovascular technology, solid state magnetic resonance technology and prosthetic devices. In order to develop, manufacture and service these devices, the manufacturers rely heavily on outsourcing. For example, they may need several hundred staff to run the entire manufacturing and service operations. Outsourcing to countries like China and India enables the manufacturers to reduce their overhead costs and personnel training costs while still maintaining a high level of service and quality. By working with these manufacturers overseas, they can provide patients and doctors around the world with the latest in medical equipment that enhances patient health and care.

Medical technology companies have benefited greatly from the influx of immigrants into Australia over the past few decades. As more people are able to afford the latest surgical procedures and diagnostic tools, the quality of care provided has increased dramatically. It is also becoming increasingly important for health institutions to expand their ability to serve a wider range of patients with more unique medical issues. This is why so many health care systems have turned to producing medical products manufactured overseas. If they wanted to continue providing cutting edge services, this type of response was necessary in order to maintain the integrity of their product while attracting new patients.

Australian medical technology companies are among the best in the world at what they do. They constantly conduct research to produce new and innovative equipment for use in a variety of circumstances. Because of their dedication to the medical community, they are constantly improving and re-designing their equipment to help doctors achieve the greatest degree of accuracy. They also regularly update their product lines to keep pace with the demands placed on them by doctors and hospitals everywhere. With the aid of medical technology companies in Australia, patients can get exactly what they need from their doctors when it comes to the latest in medical advancements.

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