Marshall’s attempt to sacrifice SA’s health for political support completely indefensible


Revelations by Channel 9 News last night that Premier Steven Marshall has attempted to sacrifice South Australia’s health by lobbying the Police Commissioner to ease COVID restrictions in exchange for political support from the hospitality industry are completely indefensible and an absolute affront to all South Australians.

SA Unions Secretary Dale Beasley said that South Australians would be shocked and dismayed that the Premier was willing to put his own political survival ahead of protecting them from COVID-19.

“Steven Marshall has now been caught red-handed trying to bribe the hospitality sector into supporting him in exchange for his help persuading the Police Commissioner to prematurely lift COVID restrictions, an action that will undoubtedly put the health and safety of South Australians at risk.

“Decisions on lifting COVID restrictions should be based on sound medical advice, not Steven Marshall’s cynical efforts to bride the hospitality sector into supporting him.”

“It’s clear that Steven Marshall cannot be trusted to manage this COVID outbreak in the best interests of South Australians and we’re demanding that he urgently recall Parliament so that their can be proper scrutiny of the Government’s handling of the COVID crisis.

“Right now, hundreds of South Australians lay extremely ill in hospital, and between 1,500 and 2,000 new COVID cases are being reported each day.

“52 South Australians have died in the last ten days and it’s clear that Steven Marshall is willing to let more die in exchange for public support from pub owners. He cannot be trusted.

“Parliament must be recalled immediately to protect the health and safety of South Australians.”

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Written by IV Motion


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