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Medical Gaming is a new development within the growing video games industry. Video games have always given us many great opportunities and it is no different with the emerging video games industry. As a physician, I am very much looking forward to seeing the impact that gaming can have in this growing field of medicine. I also believe that there is a tremendous need for this type of educational technology amongst physicians because most of our physicians do not have access to educational video games or video game consoles. We need to change the way we are educating the next generation of physicians in order to create new medical advancements.

For example, I believe that there should be some Video Game simulators available for use in medical education. Video games are often used to teach students about various topics such as physiology and anatomy. By having these Video Games available in medical education, the students will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these important topics which will undoubtedly be beneficial in their training and future careers.

Currently, most video game consoles and computers do not come with simulators that are suitable for use in medical education settings. This means that students can miss out on the opportunity to learn a vital subject matter. There are some video game simulator programs that are available that are extremely beneficial for teaching students in the medical field. Medical gaming is truly a tremendous power and opportunity that should be made available to all students in all medical schools and colleges.

I believe that medical gaming has tremendous power to benefit all aspects of medicine. With all of the advancements that are being made in medical science every single day, there is no doubt that video games will play an even greater role in medicine. In fact, I believe that medicine will benefit from augmented reality more than any other part of medicine.

Augmented reality is defined by the Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “an imagined or realistic world that includes digital features that give the appearance or actual existence of things not ordinarily known or seen.” In the case of emergency medicine, we have already seen how video games played a major role in teaching emergency medicine students about proper procedures and proper identification of patients. This is the same sort of learning that is needed in any type of science education. Gamers will be well prepared in emergency medicine settings because they will understand and can use the signs and symptoms of certain illnesses much more readily than a non-gamer would.

Doctors Playing Video Games Get Sharper Skills Than Non-gaming Doctors

The future of medical games and their influence on medicine cannot be overlooked. We must realize that the people playing these video games have a better understanding of human anatomy and physiology. They have also become acquainted with emergency room protocol and basic first aid practices. This means that medical games can also enhance the understanding of the Physicians and thereby improve the quality of care given to patients in hospitals and in emergency rooms.

Many physicians believe that medical gaming will be a huge part of healthcare in the future. One reason for this is the simple fact that many individuals who are addicted to mobile applications may not be able to resist the chance to get moving. Another reason is the fact that millions of people do not have a clear understanding of how to play video games, and this is opening up huge opportunities for those who can help. Many organizations are creating apps that can be downloaded to iPhones and iPads. By promoting these apps, physicians can attract the attention of the younger generation and teach them how to use these tools in the field of healthcare.

The future of video game technology and the influence it has on medicine should be very clear. Video game technology has the ability to change the way that emergency medicine is taught and it has the potential to transform how doctors and nurses interact with patients. Physicians have the potential to reach a whole new set of individuals through their use of medical games actually practicing medicine. Gamers may be the ones to save the healthcare industry from the brink of extinction.

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