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Integrating Social Media Into Your Medical Practice Marketing

Social media and healthcare

How exactly to Integrate Social Media Into Your Medical Practice Marketing

Most of us know about the big bang that gave birth to the universe. Similarly, the explosion of social media marketing has given birth to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many more. In the past few years, we’ve seen how social media marketing platforms have dominated the marketing campaigns of every business in the world. And results are noteworthy, as businesses who have integrated social media marketing into their marketing strategies have seen more brand awareness and growth.

If you are likely to take your competitors by marketing your medical service, make sure you include social media marketing and social networking sites. Many healthcare professionals might be hesitant to begin with social networking because they think of it as a period waster. In fact, it will save you on that part and empower your patients and staff to communicate effectively. Overall, it plays a part in your practice to perform smoothly.

Just think of social networking as an eminent source of information to your patients and vice-versa. If your patients are avid internet users and you do an immense work of updating your status, would you realize what impact it would have on your own productivity and efficiency? Adding to that, patients provides important information to improve your customer service.

You can term social media marketing platforms as “Referral System with a 21st Century Twist.” In the previous years, when patients were to find a doctor, they preferred friends and relatives and believed they’d not guide them wrong. With the onset of social media marketing networking, the traditional recommendations marketing has become archaic. Conversely, you will find few practical ways to keep in mind before you think of creating a social networking profile.

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Whenever you create your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page, make sure you are advertising in the similar way that you would with any offline piece of marketing for your practice. To make it simple for the patients to identify you, use the same logos and punch lines that you’ve utilized in newspaper ads, TV commercials or radio spots.

Once you have completed all the formalities related to profile making, it’s time now to make the smart move. Promote your Facebook and Twitter account on other mass media marketing materials such as print ads and television commercials. A signboard hanging outside your clinic that advertises “Like on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter” will encourage patients hitting “like” sooner as opposed to later.

Remember: social network marketing is a dangerous weapon that will attack the enemies, but also offers the ability to hit back. So much so, for the good news, bad news can also be spread rapidly the same as fire in the jungle. If patients are dissatisfied together with your services, their comments and interaction on your own social media marketing profile can put curtains to your medical practice. That’s exactly why you need to be vigilant of what’s being discussing your practice.

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