Medical technology for vaccinating against ferret bites and other animals


Medical technology used to vaccinate againt ferret bites.

Being bitten by a ferret will spread germs. This can also happen if you get scratches. If the wound is deep it can cause serious problems. Ferret bites can become seriously infected or spread rabies if you live outside of Australia, especially if the ferret is not vaccinated and has had contact with a rabid animal. A ferret biting you is something you really want to avoid but thankfully due to medical technology and modern day medicine serious infections can be avoided
Young children are especially at incresed risk from a ferret bite.
A ferret might accidentally bite your foot or finger when it was only meant to grab the toy the children were playing with.

Ferrets carry certain bacteria and parasites such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, Giardia and Cryptosporidia in their intestinal tract. It can then spread to humans cleaning their cages and litter boxes. Ferrets are also known to be carriers of ringworm fungus, fleas and scabies mites that often infect their handler which is why they should always be vaccinated. Medical technology has advanced in so many ways when it comes to protecting humans from these types of incidents and we have found new and inventive ways to mass produce vaccines. We have used the family ferret friend in this example as they are growing in popluarity amongst children and showing up in more pet shops around Australia and the U.S

Here are some friendly tips to avoid your new beloved pet from biting you.

1.You should never strike your ferret on the nose, this will create a negative atmosphere and your ferret will become afraid, worried and stressed which can lead to a bite or a scratch.

2. Always do your best to create a positive atmosphere around your ferret.

3. If you see your ferrets body language start to change and it makes a moving towards your your feet, grab a toy block it.

4. If your ferret bites show your authority and shrug them by the neck, holding their bottom and give a firm BAD BOY, this will help to train them and say biting is not acceptable.

5. Another technique to show the owners dominance when ferret bites you is to gently drag them across the carpet in your lounge room, this is something ferrets do naturally to show dominance.

Many older medical technology types have been applied in order to develop vaccines against various animal diseases. Virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine technology has been used for creating the porcine circovirus type 2 and RNA particle vaccines. These are based on an alphavirus vector for porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED). Although (VLP) has been classified as a killed-virus vaccine its structure is somewhat similar to the original virus. This can induce long-term and cell-mediated immunity.

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