How the approach to health changes in 2021


An unprecedented momentum for the digitalization of medicine is the effect caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and which represented a leap towards an increasingly useful and widespread digital health.

Now that digital allows patients to quickly choose and connect to health services remotely and share their data online, the whole healthcare geography will change and the approach to health in 2021 will certainly be different for everyone.

Digital technologies have been part of our daily life for several years and yet, it is with the Covid-19 pandemic that the need for a radical innovation in the approach to health has arisen . Suspended care with lockdown and distancing regulations highlighted the limitations of traditional healthcare and the need for remotely accessible skills and services .

Here then is that technological innovation and artificial intelligence have pushed the digitalization of medicine, making available innovative solutions developed more and more around the health needs of people and less and less linked to the availability of doctors and hospitals.

This process of modernisation of healthcare involves not only telemedicine but also electronic health records, medical apps, big data and artificial intelligence, which integrated with traditional assistance will reinforce essential services, optimizing the entire information system.

Digital solutions at the service of health
The digitalization process of medicine has led people to heal themselves more and more independently by exploiting digital health solutions such as:

Telemedicine services: Television, Teleconsultation, Telemonitoring and Health Telecooperation services were also integrated into the clinical practicewhich ensured continuity of care (especially for chronic and frail patients), checkups, specialist opinions and get answers to simple doubts, without leaving home or physically meeting a doctor.

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