How to Take Care of Your Lungs In COVID?

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Coronavirus is around the corner, and it is crucial to take care of your lungs to stay safe. Here is what you need to do.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Lungs are the essential organ of the body. Their role is to provide oxygen to every cell of our body. The lungs bring oxygen inside the body and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

Oxygen is necessary for our body and body functions. We have to take care of our lungs and keep them healthy to perform their role efficiently. Water is a vital component of living things live as human beings must drink plenty of water to live a healthy life.

A person should drink 8 to 9 gallons of water per day to keep their lungs lubricated and hydrated. Our body loses 2.5 to 3 liters of water in our daily body functions in our everyday routine. This loss of water should be replaced by drinking enough water.

Staying hydrated will plays a vital role in getting fewer chances to have Covid. Covid enters in body through your breathing system. When you inhale air, the virus present in the air will enter your body. Drink water even if you are not feeling thirsty because drinking water will help you replace your body fluid losses and thin respiratory secretions. When you keep yourself Hydrated, it will lessen the risk of getting coronavirus.

When your body is hydrated, it will help your immunity get strong and fight against any infection or virus. Your body cells get enough oxygen that will helps your body to fight against any viruses and bacteria. Dehydration will cause many diseases and weakens your immune system. Therefore drinking enough water is necessary to keep your body hydrated.

Proper Diet:

The food you eat plays an essential role in your body functions. You should maintain your diet in this critical period of Covid. It would be best to take a diet high in proteins and calories because your body needs many proteins and calories to perform body functions more efficiently to get coronavirus less.

Proper diet will help your body’s metabolism and immunity to become strong and fight against this virus.

Your adequate diet will reduce diseases, including heart diseases, lung infection, diabetes, etc.

Having daily exercise will boost your energy system and help your immunity system to get strong. This critical time will help to reduce stress and depression. Daily exercise will reduce the acute respiratory distress syndrome present in patients who died of coronavirus. It will protect you against diseases related to coronavirus because regular workouts help to boost your immunity system.

Physical activity helps release chemicals like endorphin from your brain and other chemicals from your body to improve your fitness and health. Older adults have to exercise daily because they have more chances to have Covid. If you don’t have exercise daily, it will suppress your immune system.

An individual has to exercise for 150mins daily because it will help reduce inflammation factors, decrease adipose tissue, and enhance metabolic activities. Obesity factors can also be reduced by having regular exercise because it leads to many heart problems, metabolic risks, diabetes. These all factors can also lead to severe Covid. Therefore to maintain proper health and fitness of your body, you have to perform regular exercises.

Avoid Smoking:

Cigarettes, cigars, and other smoking should be avoided. Cigarette contains carcinogens that will destroy your lungs and can cause inflammation. Smoking can also affect the person’s health by whom you are sitting. It can also damage other person lungs and causes lung cancer.

The inflammation caused by lung cancers will develop the mucus in the lungs. This mucus will affect the lungs’ function of inhaling oxygen, and oxygen will be moved into your bloodstream. When your lungs get inflamed, you can easily have covid. Smoking can also replace oxygen in your lungs with chemicals and carbon dioxide.

Your immunity system will also get weekend and are not able to find against any disease. Therefore any smoking should be avoided so that your body will stay healthy and active. Your immune system will able to fight against all the conditions related to the lungs and respiratory system.

Hand Washing:

Washing hands frequently is necessary. By washing hands, you will have fewer chances of bacteria, viruses contacting your eyes, nose, face, mouth. Don’t touch your face, mouth, eyes before washing hands.

As you touch any part of your face, it has direct contact with your internal body system. Bacteria, viruses, and infection-causing agents can quickly enter your respiratory system and then your lungs and other body organs. Using a sensitizer for cleaning your hand is also effective but washing your hand with water and soap is more effective. All of the bacteria, viruses in your hand are entirely washed off by washing hands. Now you can do everything which you want. This will keep your immunity system strong and healthy, and your body can easily fight any bacteria and virus.

Hazards of Alcohol:

Alcoholic drinks contain ethyl alcohol that causes respiratory and lung diseases. Alcohol taken in a small amount can cause harm to the lungs. When you use alcohol frequently, it develops long-term effects that can even lead to death.

You must take professional help if you are an addict and want rehab or insured mental illness treatment. Consumption of alcoholic drinks weakens your immunity system; due to this, your body will be unable to fight against inflammation and diseases. Alcohol can causes cancers that are of different types like lung cancer, blood cancer, etc. The person that consumes alcohol frequently will have more chances to get coronavirus.

The body cannot fight against the virus because the consumption of alcohol has weakened the immunity system. You have to avoid the consumption of alcohol so that you don’t risk other people’s health. Alcohol consumption can lead to severe progression of Covid; it will affect your body organs badly. You will not be able to develop immunity against diseases. Therefore the consumption of alcohol should be avoided to keep yourself healthy and to boost your immunity system. Having a robust immunity system will decrease any disease’s risk factors and keep your body healthy and active.

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