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New invisible hearing aids


Invisible hearing aids are taking Australia by storm.

Experts are now estimating that thousands of Australians could benefit from new modern day hearing aids and the days of premature hearing loss is now coming to an end.
With new developments in medical technology, hearing aids are becoming increasingly discreet to the point they are not being noticed. The hearing aids are now also becoming more affordable for Australians suffering from hearing loss conditions.

If your having issues with hearing in loud environments or in quite conversations you might often feel embarrsased about your hearing loss. Wearing an hearing aid can have an impact on your self-confidence. This is feeling that is far more common than you might think.

Australian statistics show that more than 4 million people suffer with hearing loss. However, only one in six people actually wear a hearing aid. With new technology advancements new designs and amazing aftercare there’s no longer any need to suffer hearing loss in silence.
There are many different types of hearding aids currently available so its totally worth shopping around.

IIC or invisable hearing aids provide the most beneift for people with mild to moderate hearing loss due to the fact they are extremely small. This means there is not enough room in them for more advanced technology such as powerful speakers and higher processing power. This is why IICs are generally not recommended for individuals with profound or severe hearing loss

IIC stands for “Invisible-In-The-Canal”

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Are IIC hearing aids right for you?

The right hearing aid can depend on many different factors. They all depend on the features you desire, lifestyle needs, pricing, ear anatomy and cosmetic appeal.
The pros of IIC hearing aids.

1. They can be custom-fit to your ear.
2. They are the smallest and most discreet hearding aids ever made.
3. They rest deeply in the second bend of your ear canal.

How much do invisible hearing aids cost?

The current average cost of a single digital hearing air can range between $1000 and $4000 per device while premium hearing aids fall in the range of $4,500 to $6,000 per device

What are the best IIC invisible hearing aids?

  • Phillips HearLink IIC.
  • Oticon Opn IIC.
  • Bernafon Zerena IIC.
  • Starkey Soundlens iQ Synergy.
  • GN Resound LiNX-3D IIC.
  • Phonak Titanium.
  • Phonak Nano – invisible in canal hearing aids.
  • Phonak Lyric hearing aids (the only long wear hearing aid in existence)

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New Technology that can change your life.

Some of the most common causes of loss of hearing can be due to your age and prolonged exposure to loud background noise. Over the course of our lives fine hairs inside your ear slowly and gradually start to die. They can also be damaged by sound waves causing them to become less sensitive.
People who have worked in loud environments have a higher chance of being affected by hearing loss. For the rest of us ageing is a natural part of life that contributes to hearing loss. Luckily there are a few highly effective ways to counter hearing loss which developes from old age.

It’s been noted that some people take an average of 10 years to address their hearing loss and many people can actually greatly benefit from wearing a hearing aid much earlier in life in which can reduce the effect of worsening hearing loss in your senior years.
One recent development is the invisible hearing aid, which slips discreetly into your ear and amplifies outside noise without anyone noticing you wearing the advanced medical device.
New invisible hearing aids (IICs) are a great way to improve your hearing loss and has taken to the Australian medical technology market by storm.




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