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Medical Domain Names And Secure Cloud Hosting

Registering a name for medical sites and hosting

Medical Domains Names And Hosting

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 popluarDomain Name Registration and Web Hosting for the Medical Industry.
Medical Media Production | Digital Health | Medical Data

Medical professionals always keep patient privacy at mind. When it comes to storing personal data, secruity is paramount.

One such domain name registration company in Australia “Domain Registration DNS” has been providing domain names and cloud hosting to the medical industry for the past three years and they have become popular with many clinical agencies. These domain names often have extra layers of security due to some content and media also being made available to the public.

Cloud Solutions should be customised and fit to each medical practice. You won’t get this addressed unless the cloud hosting company does not have the accompanying data for your medical practice. This needs to incorporate information such as your web speed, the quantity of clients, the product your practices wish to use, the Medical or Dental gadgets associated with the clinic, your printing and checking necessities and how ‘paperless’ you wish to become.

A large emphasis on security is also implemented when storing data in the cloud for medical practices. Many smaller practices often use an application called “Medical Director” which medical docotors and nurses use to access patient information, medication information and the despensing of prescriptions. Some practices choose store this data locally which can have it’s inherit problems when it comes to the integrity of the data and storing backups. However, when a cloud hosting solution is used the data is automatically uploaded to hosting servers stored in high speed secure data centres where backups are completed automatically. This insures a more robust remote storage solution without the constant worry of maintaining a disaster recovery plan.

Cheap domain name registration & Cloud web hosting has become widely available over the past fifteen years epseically since the concept of cloud hosting was first introduced on August 9, 2006. Storing large amounts of data is also becoming cheaper by the gigabyte. Before you choose a hosting provider to store your medical media and patient data in the cloud you first must make sure the hosting provider is HIPAA compliant such as Domain Registration DNS. Another popular and well know hosting company who is HIPAA compliant outsite of Australia is Liquid Web.

Just like most modern businesses, medical and the health industries rely greatly on the internet to perform many fuctions. Clincs, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, medical device producers — all use websites and online technology to communicate with patients, partners and suppliers. But many within the industry dont know that they’re no longer limited to or .com for their domain names. There are now over 30  health related domain names to choose from.

The future of medical billing: A case for digital tools - IC System


New domain names for the medical industry.

Hospitals, clinics, GPs, labs and pharmacies now have many more options for domain names

For example:

  • .associates
  • .bio
  • .care
  • .center
  • .clinic
  • .delivery
  • .dental
  • .dentist
  • .doctor
  • .equipment
  • .expert
  • .foundation
  • .fund
  • .group
  • .health
  • .healthcare
  • .hospital
  • .institute
  • .life
  • .love
  • .medical
  • .memorial
  • .one
  • .partners
  • .rehab
  • .support
  • .surgery
  • .tech
  • .technology
  • .training

 World wide the domain name system now has over 200 different domain name extentions.
As we mentioned in the above list outlines 30 different domain extentions that can be used in releation to the healthcare system enabling a larger technological health footprint on the public internet.
When you register a domain name for your medical practice it is highly recommended you ask your domain registrar about domain name locking for an extra added security measure.




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